EVRYMAN Live #61 with Special Guest Peter Levine

Tomorrow at 6:00 pm UTC on Zoom

EVRYMAN Live #61 with Special Guest Peter Levine

Get to know our own Autonomic Nervous System and hone your Relational Intelligence.

Join us for EVRYMAN Live #60 with special guest Peter Levine

It is with great honor that we are welcoming Dr. Peter Levine as our guest for May's EVRYMAN Live.

As the creator of the Somatic Experiencing method (which EVRYMAN incorporates in our core training), he has received countless awards for his groundbreaking therapeutic work. He served as a Stress consultant for NASA in the early space shuttle development and has served on the American Psychological Association task force for responding to the trauma of large-scale disasters and ethnopolitical warfare.

Levine is the founder of Ergos Institute of Somatic Education and continues to teach trauma healing workshops internationally.
Levine will be discussing his Somatic Experiencing work and various trauma-based topics that he specializes in, plus reading from his latest book, An Autobiography of Trauma: A Healing Journey. Please join us for this very special live event.

EVRYMAN Live is an interactive podcast, the first experience of its kind. Experts, Specialists, and the occasional Celebrity, share their wisdom and their stories, in conversation with the founders of EVRYMAN. Every episode of EVRYMAN Live features a live audience – both members of the EVRYMAN Membership Community and the general public – who get to partake in real time skill building exercises designed by the guest speaker and EVRYMAN.
This call is free and open to men and women.
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